DBZ:Ressurection "F"

This movie is really good because it not only has alot of action but it also has our favorite character transforming and ascending god form. Some of you may be thinking "Why do u like this movie." Well I dont like this movie I love it.It is just such a good movie.

I also know that some of you may be thinking "Why u a weeb" or "Da'heck is dis?" Well first of all im happy being a weeb and second of all Dis is called anime and many of us really like anime. What I really wanted to do is do a review about this art piece called DBZ:Ressurection "F" so lets begin!

This movie has alot of action and I personally give it a 4.5 rating. "Wait. What are u doin!" is what you may be thinkng because I said it was an awsome movie and stuff but I havent explained its flaws(I know sadly this movie does have flaws).

DBZ:Ressurection "F" flaws

Some flaws this movie has are;


click here cause im too lazy to write them all out because theres alot